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Nathanael was born on the island of St. Vincent in the Caribbean in the 1960s.  He grew up in Australia.  While in Australia, he became close to a man named Richard who “adopted” him as his nephew.  At that time he went by the name Nat, and his “Uncle Richard” used to joke with him saying that “G’Nat is just a G’nickname for G’Nathanael.”  “Uncle Richard” thought that was hilarious.  This blog is  therefore written from a “G’Nat’s Eye View” of the world.

Nathanael came to the United States permanently in 1980 where he began his post-secondary studies.  He holds degrees in Religious Education, Liberal Studies, English, and Education.  He lives with his wife and son (the most important people in his life and his first love and joy) in the Southern portion of the United States (although he dreams of moving to San Francisco).  He has been an educator for the past twenty years, and enjoys: working in their “kitchen window” vegetable garden, everything associated with baseball (he grew up with cricket), cooking, travel, and photography.  He has concluded that life is what he makes it, and he tries to see to it that it is full  of love, joy, peace, and light.  He occasionally succeeds, and it is enough.

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  7. It’s taken me ages to find this page – you expressed a like on my 0029 blag – when I clicked the like (your avatar display symbol, bottom page of my 0029 blag) all I got was some Gravitar page but with no word press page information or display.

    Anyway, I copied your name and then pasted into the google search page and hey presto up came this page.

    Hells teeth, I have probably bored you rigid with all this useless feedback – all I wanted to say was thank you for the expressed ‘like’ on 0029.

    Cheers – ‘ter

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  10. Life is what you create, indeed, and is meant to be full of love, joy, peace and light. 🙂 Thank you for “liking” my flower photograph.

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  12. Thanks for the visit and like my post Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Buildings

  13. Wonderful blog, so thanks for stopping by on mine! 🙂 Have a wonderful day! Corina

  14. I hope you have a Happy Holiday & Happy New Year. I’ve enjoyed your blog and look forward to what you come up with next week.


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